Bexley Golf Club Green Renovations

Posted on: 10 April

Club Renovations

The spring Greens renovations took place on Monday 8th April 2024, many thanks to our volunteers for their strength and time they gave up to help with the process. 

Not only did our band of volunteers clear the cores in record time, they also assisted is the fairway clean up after the weekend 250mm of rain.

The greens have received a hollow tine aeration at a depth of between 140/150mm, followed by a filling of USGA sand. 

Fertiliser and amendments are to be applied over this coming week to ensure a strong and healthy recovery. 

The greens have endured a hardy renovation, which should bode well for the autumn and winter months. 

I ask the membership to be patient with my staff and I as we gently improve the greens surfaces over the next few weeks.  We will soon get them back to their Bexley best. 

The club wishes to thank the following members who volunteered their time to assist with the green renovations!!

  • David Perrin
  • Karl Hartman
  • Doug Marriner
  • Mark Symes
  • Todd Churchill
  • Derek Walters
  • Maurice Hunt
  • John Frew
  • Wayne Russell
  • John Paton
  • Kaz Isomoto
  • David Watt
  • Keith Milham
  • Rob Thomas
  • Lindsay Delahoy
  • John Gottstein
  • Daryl Young
  • James Ormsby


Richie Bull

Course Superintendent



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