Welcome to Bexley Golf Club

Founded in 1939, Bexley Golf Club is one of Sydney’s more established clubs. Built on an old dairy farm, the gently rolling hills and green parkland provided the ideal site for a golf course.

Bexley Golf Club is an 18-hole par 64 golf course located in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. Relatively short at 4113 metres, there is a premium on accuracy and restraint off the tee rather than length at Bexley. A few of the par fours are reachable, but the tight, tree-lined fairways will make you second-guess taking a driver. In addition, the tricky greens are guarded by well-placed bunkers.

The friendly atmosphere at the club is second to none. Such is the attraction of the place, and our members come from all corners of Sydney to be part of the Bexley golfing family. Bexley Golf Club has a long and proud history of fostering golf and friendship for people in our local community.